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System Information

General Info
What about families without a computer?
What will parents really need to do?
What will administrator's really be able to do?

General Info

This website has been created for parents and school administrators to effectively manage lunches offered through the school to children either on a regular basis or occasionally each month. All relevant data such as totals per student, totals per class, totals per school and totals per caterer are automatically calculated, reducing valuable time in paperwork calculations.

The site has two components:

The first is an interface for parents where they can register and place orders for their child(ren) each month, simply by "clicking" the desired menu options available each day.

The second component, available only to school administrators, is an administration interface. Classes and monthly calendars are created, caterers are entered with the menu items they offer, and all reports such as class totals and caterer totals are provided to the school manager's in real time.